7 Case pet Feeder

7 Case pet Feeder

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7 grids Pet Feeder Product Description:

1,The product is made from food-grade materials and is harmless to humans and pets,
2,Timing device, adjust pet dinner time within 24 hours, don't worry if the owner will feel hungry when the owner is out.
3,6 grids, 6 meals design, you can pre-set 6 different times for 6 meals, put 6 piles of rice into 6 grids.
4,Simple and generous appearance.
5,Suitable for dogs and cats.
6,Color: as picture shown
7, Material: ABS, stainless steel, electronic components
8,Bowl grid: 6
9,Battery: 3*AA battery (not included)
10,Function: music reminder
11,Suitable for: cats, dogs, rabbits, and other pets.
12,How to use:
first. Pull the lid to open the food cover.
second. Add the food to the feeder.
third. Press the lid to close the food cover.

When you press the power button to shut down, the time of screen flashes for ten seconds and disappears.
ON/OFF: Power Button-turn on and off timing display.
SET: Toggle Button-Switch between hours and minutes.
HOUR(+): Increment Button: Increase the time parameter and spare.
NIN(-): Decrease Button: Reduce the time parameter.

7 Grids Pet Feeder Product Picture: